”Stop Sex Trafficking” App

The “Stop Sex Trafficking” app is about teens teaching teens. The app addresses a significant and fast growing crime against youth. The app is simple, fun and engaging while providing facts, vocabulary, red flags, reasons victims stay, and additional resources for obtaining help or further education.

The user gains knowledge by answering questions. If they answer is incorrect they are guided to the correct answer. There is a scenario where they apply what they’ve learned, followed by a quiz that helps the user determine whether or not their own relationship is healthy. Our goal is to educate youth to recognize the signs of sex trafficking so they can protect themselves and their friends from becoming victims.

The proceeds from this app will go toward continuing to educate youth about sex trafficking as well as contribute to causes helping the victims of sex trafficking.

We’d like to thank Rebecca Bender Ministries for the inspiration for “Are You In A Good Relationship?”

For information about pricing and donations, please call:
(507) 319-4781

Or send written inquiries to:
436 Manor Valley Lane NW
Rochester, MN 55901

For support or other questions, please e-mail: support@techies2020.org